Spring Skin Care Routine: 7 Easy Steps for Gorgeous Looking Skin

In spring, your natural oils come back into balance after the dry winter. To help you decipher what to shop for in spring weather here are seven natural beauty tips for updating your skincare routine to get that glow back!

Spring officially starts on March 20th. Just as many of us switch out our cozy sweaters for layered sheer tops, the same transition needs to be done with skincare. You know that winter skin requires a heavier moisturizer and lots of hydration due to dryness.

But when the weather shifts from "cold and dry" to "humid and moist" it's important that your products, and the way you use them, reflect that seasonal change. In spring, your natural oils come back into balance after the dry winter. To help you decipher what to shop for in spring weather here are seven natural beauty tips for updating your skincare routine to get that glow back!

1. Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliating Scrub

Let's face it winter weather doesn't exactly show off glowing looking skin. Luckily, it's easier to achieve that radiant look when spring rolls around. During the winter months, too much exfoliation can strip moisture from your skin leaving it looking irritated and dry. That said, using the right gentle exfoliating scrub two to three times a week will leave your skin looking smooth and radiant. That is why you need to use Pure Fiji's Exfoliating Scrub that will refresh and brighten your skin with the freshest heavenly tropical ingredients. This gentle and natural scrub eases away impurities and banishes clogged pores with the power of pineapple and papaya enzymes. Then vitamin-rich coconut crème nourishes newly revealed skin for a brighter and younger looking complexion. It can be used on sensitive and acne prone skin.

2. SPF

There will be more sunshine which means SPF is even more important now than it was over the last couple of months. You've heard over and over that you must always wear at least 30 SPF even when you see no sun. Protecting your skin from the sun's rays is crucial for maintaining skin health. That means applying SPF 30 moisturizer under your makeup, which will help protect you from the sun and hold your foundation on for longer, too. Sunscreens can clog pores and cause breakouts so look for the ones that say non-comedogenic. Mineral sunscreens with active ingredients like zinc oxide tend to be less irritating to reactive skin types and gel formulations tend to have a lighter texture and work well with oily skin.

3. Drink Spa Water

As it turns out, hydration is just as important for your skin in the spring as it is in the winter. Cucumbers, lemon, and mint are classic spa water combos. The lemon and mint may aid digestion and the cucumber rehydrates along with delivering anti-inflammatory properties. Here's a simple DIY detox water recipe to get you started.

DIY detox water recipe

4. Eye Cream

Eye cream may sound like something you don't need until you're older, but it's smart to start using it now as an investment in your future skin. The skin around your eye is incredibly thin and using your regular moisturizer may be too rich causing you to get milia similar in appearance to whiteheads). The solution?

Pure Fiji's Anti-Wrinkle Eye crème is perfect for day and night because it gives the skin under the eye the specific hydration it needs. Its powerful anti-wrinkle formulation harnesses the power of Green Coconut Kinetin and plant actives to naturally smooth fine lines and fortify delicate skin around the eyes for noticeably younger-looking eyes.

5. Lighter Moisturizer

Lighter Moisturizer

Spring weather means humidity and rain, which can leave you with slick, greasy looking skin. Use a lighter moisturizer than the one you were probably using in the winter. Pure Fiji's Multi-Active Day crème moisturizes the epidermis for 24 hours. This crème is naturally supercharged with dilo leaf and beach almond leaf hydrosol, essential nutrients, vitamins and invigorating plant actives. Combined they will reduce wrinkles, and protect against DNA oxidation while improving elasticity and tonicity.

6. Use Natural Makeup

Your choice of makeup is just as important for the health of your skin as your choice of skincare products. Always make sure you are using healthy makeup, like mineral makeup without parabens and mineral oil. And of course, don't forget to take it off at night!

7. Go to the spa for a facial

Sofitel Fiji Spa

If you were waiting for an excuse to treat yourself to a spa facial, here it is: You really need one! While it's great to practice good skin care, that doesn't necessarily mean you should be skipping out on professional treatments. And even though you may not suffer from severe acne or other chronic conditions, your complexion will still reap the benefits from the facial massage that you can't replicate on your own. If you're travelling to Fiji this season consider these spas during your next getaway! They all use Pure Fiji's natural skin care products.

So ladies, look at the change of season as an opportunity to reassess their skin care routines & talk to your esthetician about setting up your spring time plan. And with these seven easy steps you'll be glowing in no time!

7 Easy Steps for Gorgeous Looking Skin

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