How to Get Naturally Perfect Skin: 10 Ways

Not only does clear, radiant skin boosts our confidence but it's a sign of good health - which is likely why both men & women find it so alluring.

Let's face it everyone wants glowing skin. Not only does clear, radiant skin boosts our confidence but it's a sign of good health - which is likely why both men & women find it so alluring. It's no surprise that the basics for creating a flawless complexion are; eating healthy foods, drinking sufficient water, protecting our skin from the sun, and avoiding processed foods.

We invest a lot of money on our skin. According to a study, the US beauty & personal care products market is expected to reach approximately $717.6 billion by 2026. But wouldn't you love to know how to get flawless skin without makeup or a lot of pricey ineffective products?

Here are 10 ways to achieve flawless skin naturally:

natural perfect skin infographic

1. Use a gentle cleanser

If your cleanser leaves your face feeling dry or tight then you need to switch to a gentler gel cleanser. A cleanser should remove makeup, but it should never strip your skin. Pure Fiji is an effective cleanser with a soft lather that is great at removing makeup, buildup from the day and also adds hydration back into your skin.

2. Air quality

Be mindful of smoky environments because just being around smoke can lead to the release of free radicals that damage your skin and hasten aging. Oh boy! What's the solution? Change the air filter in your furnace regularly plus keep in mind that if you regularly cook with oil to use the fan over your range and if you can keeping the kitchen window open is great too. Avoid dry indoor air since it makes fine lines more noticeable and it sucks the moisture out of the skin. Using a humidifier in your house to minimize this problem is a great solution.

3. Use a basic toothpaste

If you're wondering why you've been getting little irritations (redness, dryness, and pimples) around your mouth, the culprit may be your fancy toothpaste. Those tartar-control ingredients or added flavors like cinnamon may contribute to a common skin condition called perioral dermatitis. If the problem continues to persist we recommend you speak to a dermatologist.

4. Consider your skin condition too

One of the biggest skincare mistakes people make is that they only focus on their skin type and not their skin condition too.

Take the time to find out what natural skin care products work best for your skin condition. For example, you could have an oily skin type but your skin condition could be sensitive. You need to address both.

Remember what works great for someone else might not be the right product for you. Introduce new products into your skin care routine slowly to see what works. This allows you to pinpoint any issues they may cause and you can adjust accordingly. This is why it's also important to not drastically switch up your skin care routines all at the same time. If you add in too many new products at once, you won't be able to tell what's really working.

5. Watch your dairy intake

Research from the Harvard School of Public Health found that teenage girls who drink a lot of milk are almost 30% more likely to have acne than those who drink less. This holds true for adult women as well especially if they're prone to breakouts. They also found that drinking skim milk; even organic milk made the skin worse. Some scientists believe that the natural hormones present in dairy may be to blame. If you find that your body isn't getting sufficient calcium naturally consider taking a supplement if you think milk could be causing your breakouts.

6. Stop following others

Avoid following every trend you see from beauty influencers. Focus and stick with what is best for your own skin.

7. Check your meds

If you're pill popping; antibiotics, fertility drugs, oral contraceptives, antihistamines, diuretics, and antidepressants know that they typically cause dry skin. Certain medications can also make you sensitive to the sun. If you find your skin is reacting more while you're taking your meds talk to your physician about lowering the dosage or switch you to a different medication.

8. Avoid skipping cleansing before exfoliating

You're probably wondering why bother cleansing your face when you're using an exfoliant anyway right? While this might seem redundant you want to start with a clean canvas so that your exfoliator can penetrate through your pores and dig out the stubborn dirt and oil. Kind of makes sense right?

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9. Stop ""bang""ing your head

Okay we don't mean literally. Bangs may look cute but they ain't so cute when all that hairspray on your bangs is causing irritating pimples on your forehead and hairline. Do your best to keep hair products away from your hairline.

10. Less is more

Your skin is your largest living, breathing organ. While you might be tempted to try a 12-step Korean skincare program the truth is less is more when it comes to achieving naturally radiant skin.


It's clear that a sign of healthy skin is a natural glow. Be mindful that a lack of sleep, chronic tension, physical stress, age, and even what you put into your body can rob your gorgeous complexion of its radiance. Transform your skin if it looks dull and tired into luminous and glowing skin with Pure Fiji's collection of organic oils and natural skin care products.