Gaëtane Austin and Andrée Austin: Pioneering Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil in Body Care

Coconuts have played an essential role in the Pacific Islands' culture for generations, with copra being Fiji's major industry in the past. Gaëtane Austin and Andrée Austin recognized the significance of coconuts and their beauty benefits, inspiring them to explore the potential of coconut oil in body care. Their journey led to the groundbreaking Direct Micro Expulsion (DME) method, transforming the beauty industry and positively impacting rural communities and traditional practices.

The Untold Beauty Secret

Fascinated by the legendary beauty of Pacific Islanders' skin and hair, Gaëtane and Andrée Austin believed coconut oil held the key to this allure. Scientific studies further supported this belief, revealing the numerous skincare benefits of coconut oil

The Quest for a Solution

The Austins, drawing from their familiarity with coconuts, began their quest in 1997 to find a better method of extraction and storage for coconut oil. Their goal was to preserve its natural nutrients while extending its shelf life, making it a marketable product. This search led them to discover the revolutionary DME method, which allowed for the extraction of virgin coconut oil without heat, retaining its original nutrients and ensuring a longer shelf life.

Direct micro expelling preparation:

1. De-husk 2. Split Nuts 3. Grate 4. Solar-thermal dry 5. Load Cylinder

Empowering Rural Communities

By basing all their products on virgin coconut oil, Gaëtane and Andrée Austin not only transformed the beauty industry but also empowered rural communities. The revival of coconut plantations in these areas provided a sustainable source of income for local farmers and their families. DME also allowed oil processing at the village level, utilizing electricity and creating economic opportunities within the community.

Strengthening Community Bonds

As coconut plantations thrived, so did the communities involved. The Austin's initiatives brought much-needed income to rural areas, preventing migration to urban centers and preserving community bonds, enriching the cultural fabric of the region.

A Sustainable Future

The Austin's commitment to cold-pressed virgin coconut oil set an example for sustainability. The DME method minimized environmental impact by avoiding heat-intensive processes and chemical refining. Furthermore, their support for traditional coconut farming practices ensured the long-term viability of this vital natural resource.

Gaëtane and Andrée Austin's pioneering use of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil in body care has revolutionized the beauty industry and impacted the lives of rural communities. Through their innovative journey and the discovery of the DME method, they unlocked the true potential of coconut oil. Their range of body care products not only enhances beauty but also promotes sustainability and empowers local communities. The legacy of the Austins reminds us that valuable beauty secrets often lie in ancient traditions and untapped resources, waiting for visionary individuals to uncover them.