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Fijian Families Need our Help

As we all know, the world has been crippled by the spread of Covid, and whilst Australia has been incredibly lucky to have kept a lid on this disease for the most part, supporting our communities with financial help and support, many countries are not so blessed. One of those countries are our friends across the Pacific in Fiji.

Currently, their cases stand at over 10, 000 (as of 18th of July 2021) and are rising quickly. The virus, confirmed as the highly transmissible Delta (or Indian) variant, has now spread around the country with funerals, kava ceremonies and weddings being pinned as the super-spreader events.

Families now in lockdown are struggling to work and buy essentials to survive. This is following 12 months of economic devastation Fiji has already faced following the collapse of the tourism industry over 12 months ago.

As the country that plays home to our beautiful brand, we felt compelled to do something to assist those people struggling
. For as little as $20 a day, you can feed a family of 6 people.


For the past 12 months our Pure Fiji sales in Australia, New Zealand and America have been helpful in keeping people employed, but it’s not enough to reach those most in need. The team of people that support our production process, and the communities that provide us with our raw materials are a major part of the Pure Fiji operation. While some processes could be automated, we choose to employ more people, believing in human touch. Involving as many communities as possible in the production of our items, without this network of human interaction, we would be unable to survive and grow. Pure Fiji is proudly a family business and every employee is part of our extended family.

For all of the families who have relied on the tourism and now with a government struggling to keep the economy afloat, we wanted to do something to help our Fijian friends with this Gofund me.

All funds raised will go directly towards to the hardest hit families to buy essentials like food and sanitary supplies. The team at Pure Fiji headquarters located in Suva will distribute the funds and allocate these essentials to the community.

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